Well done Uncle T!

It was hot afternoon in December. My partner picked me up from yoga in his jeans and a T-shirt he would normally wears on dates. This was very strange to me at the time because this guy loves his shorts and his vintage tees – ones that he got years ago while he was still a teen and refuses to let go.

When we got home, my little nephews and niece were waiting for us at the front door. they all seemed very excited and happy to see me which was also very unusual because I was normally the one chasing after them asking for hugs and kisses and they came over. The first thing “Lu” (the 4 years old nephew) said to me was “Aunty!come inside” then he turned and told my partner “WELL DONE UNCLE T!!!”

These little monkeys took me and my partner to my room. On the bed, there were flowers and chocolate and cake… So distracted by the kids and unaware of the message on the cake, I thought my partner went out of his way to organise this little surprise for my birthday.

Only when I turned around and saw him got down on his knee with the ring that I realised what is happening. The best birthday ever and I said yes of course =D