From sweethearts to Husband and Wife!!!

Our love story is not kind of Love at first sight, it took us 12 months to get to know, understand and fall in love with each other.

On the second time I rejected to be his girlfriend, he did ask me one question which I might never be able to forget the response. Sitting next to me in the car, he asked what is the best character that works out my ideal boyfriend, I answered him I always get impressed by the quiet men who take actions more than words (what I mean to him here is ‘you talk too much, and of course you are by no means my style’) ?. Could you guess what his answer is?

‘I am good at words and actions also, could I do both?’

I said yes to be his girlfriend on the third time he asked. And everyday passes by, he has proven me that answer is true and sincere. I feel so grateful, happy and proud when he always takes care of me from the tiniest thing, especially he truly loves my family like his real one.

And I can’t wait to be his beautiful Bride next year…!!! ?

Thank you for your time reading my story! ?