Tina + D Nguyen

The super adorable couple came to us just a month away from their official reception. Tina is such a pretty girl wearing our Aroma dress with sexy off the shoulder detail.
It was supposed a rainy day so we all prepared for wet, tried to capture in an early morning. And it happened to start raining at 12.30 and stopped at 1.30 after our lunch. It turned into an amazing weather to shoot as the sun appeared behind the clouds just enough light for us to take some more lovely natural light photos…

Tina loves the makeup so much as that makes her a tan and sexy look.

Photography by Cinevision Production |
Aroma Dress by Em Bridal Boutique |
Hair and makeup by Katy Tuyet Nguyen

Photo Jun 04, 6 53 46 AM
Photo Jun 04, 6 52 33 AM
Photo Jun 04, 6 56 00 AM
Truc Dung (S) (202 of 297)
Truc Dung (S) (206 of 297)
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