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Em Bridal Boutique is a bridal services specialising in wedding dress designs, hair and makeup and photography or videography through an exceptional customer service. We provide our clients with quality dresses that are made for comfort and extravagance during celebration. We are proud to be one of new destinations of bride-to-bes who are seeking an organised dressing plan, attractive makeover and fabulous gown custom designs for their special day with an affordable price.

Founded in 2015 by Katy Tuyet Nguyen a Makeup Artist, Em Bridal Boutique is a bridal service specialising in wedding dress designs through exceptional customer services. We provide our clients with quality dresses that are made for comfort and extravagance during the celebration. In 3 years, by working out between you and a professional team, we are very proud to be one of the prestige destinations of brides-to-be who seek tailor-made fabulous wedding dresses of high quality and dedication to their needs at an affordable price.

Owning a beautiful custom design wedding gown on your special day now is no longer a dream anymore. Our dresses enhance sharp details, the newest trends, tailor your needs through consultations to a particular bride. Our talented designers express their creativity with simply dripping, floating silk, pretty and soft tulle, intricately beaded lace making sure you will be a gorgeous girl on a special day.

Let’s us make your dream dress become a reality.

  • Katy Tuyet Nguyen
    Katy Tuyet Nguyen


    Katy is originally a hair and makeup artist specialising in bridal and fashion, she is also a bridal stylist who can consult to the bride-to-bes about dressing plan, photography, florist choices and getting a suitable organising for every single bride.

    Since graduated Diploma of Specialist Makeup Services, Katy started working at a lot of back stages as a makeup artist which brought her closer to fashion before moving to bridal industry. She’s passionate about naturally living and encourage people to join her journey in beauty. Katy found her inspiration in bridal dresses in the end of 2015 and started bringing the fabulous wedding dress designs close to people who do not want to spend much money for wedding.

    Fortunately Katy has found a fabulous team to work with and to express the her great passion of serving in the bridal industry. Em Bridal Boutique is founded in 2015 to open a new exciting journey.