Getting ready for your magical day!

Hello beautiful!


It’s the most beautiful time of the year! Holiday seasons also means adding more sparkles into the plans for your big day! We thought we would share with you some of our thoughts about current wedding trends around the globe to help you create not only the most special and memorable but also the most personalized and unique experience of your magical day!


Couples are using the venue as a way to express their own style. This year, we have seen a real increase in the choice of back-to-nature venues. Couples tend to desire the venue for their special day to feel inviting and magical. Therefore, wedding places, especially vintage/retro style venues with a touch of home, where you could feel a strong sense of warmth and cosiness, have become more and more popular.



Unique customized stationary and signage are here to stay for the season. We have noticed couples like to create and tell their story in their own way by personalizing all stationary and signage décor items – what an excellent way to make the day feel like their own!



Silver, gold, especially rose gold, and copper are loved by many couples to use in decorating their wedding venue this year.  Floral backdrops are also being used in most weddings, especially engagement parties. And to make the most out of the special moment of the day, we are seeing more and more creativity in the styling of flower bouquets. Bouquets of flowers are to look organic, modern non-structured styling. Beautiful flowers styled in unexpected ways continue to be a secret factor of creative floral styling.



You could try argue our new Spring/Summer Collection isn’t anything new in the wedding dress world… BUT! We hope you realize that we have paid a huge attention to current fashion trends; therefore, our dresses are (yes!) somewhat remain classic (YET!) very modern – which we hope, they will meet that happy middle between the traditional style and today’s modern twist.



Umm, did anyone just say KIM K?!

Hehe! Yea I guess you could give me that answer! It is impossible to deny the fact that Kim K’s contouring and highlighting is one of the most requested makeups that we have got so far this year! However, we do believe, makeup is there to only enhance your natural beauty. You don’t need to wear heavy contour or highlight in order to look best. It’s best to focus on enhancing your most important feature of your face, for instance your beautifully glowing skin, your full and perfectly curvy brows or your fabulous lips. We believe by truly understand your own unique features with a trust in your personal makeup artist, you can get the rest of your makeup magically fallen into place, without putting in too much effort!


We wish you luck! <3